These general Terms and Conditions apply to you as a consumer when you purchase products from us, The Every AB, reg. no. 559310-6189, at our website By purchasing a product at, you confirm that you accept these Terms and Conditions.

When placing an order on the website, a purchase agreement is entered into between you and The Every when we have confirmed your order in writing and you have received our order confirmation. We ask you to save the order confirmation in order to facilitate correspondance with us about your purchase.

You must be at least 18 years old in order to purchase products at

Contact us

You may contact us using the address or email address below:
The Every AB
Box 136
Sveavägen 124
113 50 Stockholm

If we change our address or e-mail address, the updated contact information will be published and held available on our website

Prices & payment

All applicable prices for products are indicated at We reserve the right to make price adjustments; adjusted prices will be published and held available at our website The prices indicated at are including VAT.

In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price due to a typographical or technical error, or any other reason, we preserve the right to refuse or cancel any order placed for such product.

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard through the payment solution Klarna. When paying by card you will be asked to provide your card number, period of validity and cvc code. We use 3d-secure, developed by Visa and MasterCard, to secure payments and all payment information is encrypted using ssl encryption, which prevents unauthorized access to card details.

For more information on how we process payment information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

For customers residing in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands, we also offer payment against an invoice in cooperation with Klarna. A standard credit check will be carried out when you choose Klarna Invoice as payment method at checkout. Payment shall be made within 14 days from purchase, otherwise a past due fee will be added to the invoice amount. For more information about Klarna’s payment terms, please click here.

Please note that when ordering against an invoice the shipping address needs to be your registered residence.

For further information about Klarna invoices, you may contact Klarna by telephone +46 (0)8-120 120 00, e-mail or through their website

Shipping & delivery

The listing or description of a product at does not imply that the product is presently available in stock.

Products purchased at are sent to you on regular days, Monday-Friday excluding Swedish public holidays.

Orders are delivered by Schenker within EU/UK. You will receive an e-mail with tracking number when your order leaves our warehouse.

Time of delivery is 2-8 days. Please note that the time of delivery may vary.

Term and right of withdrawal

These Terms and Conditions are valid for each purchase that you make.

You have the right to withdraw your purchase within a period of 14 days from the day of delivery of the product for any reason or for no reason. If you have ordered more than one product and the products are delivered separately, or if you have ordered a product which is delivered in separate parts at different times, you have the right to withdraw the purchase within 14 days from the day of delivery of the last product or the last part of the product.

If you wish to withdraw your purchase, you must let us know within 14 days from the day of delivery by sending a message to us that you wish to withdraw the purchase and return the product. The message should include your name, address and contact information to you. You may send the message to us by e-mail: or by post: The Every AB, Box 136, Sveavägen 124, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden. You may also use the Swedish Consumer Agency standard form for withdrawal and send it to us by post or email. You will then have 14 days to return the product to us.

Provided that the product is sealed, unused and returned to us intact and in its original packaging, we will repay you the total cost of the product.

Please note that you as a customer is responsible for the products during delivery when the product is returned to us. Please package the products in a suitable way in order to mitigate the risk that they are damaged or lost during delivery.


If you have received a damaged or defect product, please lodge your complaint to us by e-mail: or by post: The Every AB, Box 136, Sveavägen 124, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden, as soon as possible after you have discovered the defect. If you lodge the complaint within two months from you discovering the defect, the complaint will always be considered as having been lodged in due time. However, if you do not lodge a complaint within three years from ordering the product, you will have no right to invoke the defect.

We will handle your complaint in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation and with the guidelines provided by the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (Sw. Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden, (”ARN”)) (see

Please note that even if we hope that you are very happy with your product, you are not entitled for compensation if the only reason for your complaint is that you are displeased with the product.

Force Majeure

The Every AB is not liable for defects or delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as general labour disputes, war, fire, amendments to regulations issued by governmental authorities, issues with power mains or telephone communications, data transmissions or any other form of communication, or defects or delays in deliveries by sub-contractors.

Changes and Additions

The Every reserves the right to change and make additions to these Terms and Conditions at any time. You are bound by the Terms and Conditions valid at the time for your purchase. Changes and additions of these Terms and Conditions are valid for all purchases made after publication at For this purpose, please consult on a regular basis.


We will be delighted every time we see our products in real life on social medias, and sometimes we may request to share these pictures in our channels. The pictures are published primarily on our website but may also be published in one of our other channels.

By responding to our request with the hashtag #yestheevery, you agree to the following:

You provide The Every AB, reg. no. 559310-6189, a non-exclusive, royalty-free worldwide license to use any pictures you have responded with #yestheevery, hereinafter referred to as ”picture”, in their marketing and / or advertising , Including in the gallery on the website, newsletters, catalogs, e-mail and other customer communications, store materials and other marketing purposes.

Hereby certify and certify that (i) you own all of your rights to your pictures, (ii) you have been granted permission from any person appearing in your pictures to transfer the rights herein, and (iii) the use of your pictures by The Every AB Will violate any third party’s rights or violate any law.

Hereby, you release The Every AB from all obligations to pay you for the use of your pictures and for the intellectual property rights of those associated with the above-described uses, thereby freeing and agreeing to keep The Every AB and all persons acting for The Every AB Claim damages for all claims, claims and liabilities, irrespective of nature, in connection with the use of the pictures as described above.

You may always reach out to us on matters of privacy and data protection by contacting us at:

Governing law and disputes

If a dispute should arise that we are not able to settle together, you may as a consumer apply to ARN. The Every will comply with ARN’s recommendations in the matters they examine. You may contact ARN on their website or address:

Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden
Box 174
101 23 Stockholm

Furthermore, you may report your matter on the online platform of the EU Commission: Further information about alternative dispute resolution in consumer relationships can be found at

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Sweden. Any dispute arising out of these Terms and Conditions shall be finally settled by the general courts of Sweden.