Aleks takes a moment to reflect on the irony. "I spent a large part of my childhood in and around my mom's hair salon here in central Stockholm so you'd think hair care would have come naturally for me", he laughs and shrugs his shoulders, “but honestly, like a lot of men I used to just have the approach of showering with whatever is within arm’s reach - shower-gel for hair, shampoo for body…” he laughs. 

This is clearly not the first time The Every’s co-founder Aleks has recounted the story of how a moment in the shower sparked the family business that is now revolutionizing hair care, but the feeling of genuine frustration and bewilderment is still palpable.

Gesturing to imaginary bottles Aleks paints a vivid picture of himself standing in the shower about to embark on his usual routine of just grabbing the nearest bottle but instead finding himself staring at enough shampoo bottles to fill a small supermarket. 

“The vast collection of shampoo bottles, with new additions popping up like weeds in our shower, obviously wasn’t something new -  that day was just the first time I really stopped and thought about how ridiculous it seemed.”

“Kenza thought I had lost it when I walked into our living room wearing a towel and cradling her entire stash of hair care products, wanting to know why the fuck we had 5 different shampoo bottles”, Aleks chuckles.

“To my surprise she actually had very clear reasons for each one”, he continues, shifting tone to mimic his wife and co-founder Kenza. "She had tried the first two for volume but needed the third one to get the right effect, the fourth one to get just the right cool blonde tone, but of course that one made her scalp dry and itchy so she fifth one was for her scalp…” he shakes his head, still equally amused and baffled by the complexity.

“But… why you can’t just mix them all to get volume, healthy scalp, AND highlights?"

The idea does seem a bit simplistic, but Aleks still insists it was the obvious follow-up question. He smiles, recalling Kenza’s laughing response. “Although she agreed she would love to be able to do just that, she also gently explained that’s not how it works. Like at all."

With a gesture of genuine disbelief, Aleks expresses his astonishment. “WTF, right? It’s 2019 – we went to the Moon 50 years ago but can’t mix shampoos in the shower?” His eyes light up as he speaks of the eureka moment. "That’s when we thought, what if there was a way to combine all these different needs in one hair wash that could give a tailored, massive effect. Why isn’t anyone doing this? Why couldn’t we do it?"

Three years of intense product development later, and The Every was born. A vegan hair care brand produced in the family’s native Sweden and dedicated to offering a simple but tailored hair care routine with immediate results without sacrificing scalp health.

The Every's innovation lies in the unique InfusionsTM – highly concentrated boosters that have solved the paradox of the one-size-fits-all approach plaguing traditional hair care brands. Aleks explains, “All these big traditional brands make products meant to suit as many consumers as possible, but in the end they fit no one perfectly and we’re all left with 5 different shampoo bottles in the shower.

"Just mix and combine our Infusions with your shampoo in the shower and you can have it all." 

"But with The Every, you tailor your hair care. Want a healthy scalp and great hair? And amazing volume? And perfect shine? And results after just one wash? Just mix and combine our Infusions with your shampoo in the shower and you can have it all.” 

The claim of “tailored hair care” doesn’t just stem from this ability to mix different Infusions for a tailored effect - it’s also the fact that you can tailor the strength of the effect. It’s very simple really, the more Infusion you add to your shampoo, the greater the effect. “Over these first few years we’ve had so many messages from customers who want to share the incredible impact The Every has had on their hair but there was one message that really stuck out and that has stayed with me. Someone wrote that our Infusion’s are ‘like steroids for your shampoo’ and it’s such a spot-on description!”

What about the name? THE EVERY. Aleks' expression softens a bit as he explains. “We know the name has a weird ring to it”, he admits with a smile, “but for us it’s an important reminder that guides what we do: every person, every hair type, every need, every day. The definitive hair care solution for The Everyone.”