Über uns

Once upon a time not that long ago, we found ourselves among our bathroom shelves. Frustrated. The hair care in front of us was closer to chaos than caring. Bottles everywhere. But none of them gave us the full effect we wanted.

Some products were healthy-ish for the head, but with no effect on the hair. Some were okay-ish for the environment, but again – no effect on the hair. One benefit always at the expense of another.

Our frustration increased. To go for a silent effect makes no sense. Having to choose between okay-ish and bad is just… not okay. And right there, in that bathroom moment, it became clear to us: We can do this better. We can turn this hair chaos into creative hair care.

Into something that people actually want. And need. Without compromising with the health of their heads, hair and hearts. Something with a bang. With a boom.

With our very own boost.