Om oss

The Every is a clean modular hair care brand for whomever(y) - female, male or gender fluid.

One Tuesday morning back in 2020. In front of the bathroom mirror of our Stockholm flat, we finally had enough of hair care products not giving us the effect we were expecting and set out to create something better - a brand with one focus: massive effect without compromising the health of our hair.

2 years later, The Every's innovative Infusions were launched. Filled to the brim with only the best possible active ingredients, our Infusions take care of both you and the environment while providing exactly the effect you are looking for. Our personal preferences are clean hair, a healthy scalp, and massive amounts of volume. We call it “steroids for your shampoo”.

Made in Sweden.
100% vegan, and free from harmful sulphates, parabens, and cyclic silicones.