We don't smell like this, we just wanted to get your attention

Are you tired of all hair care products that smell like bubble gum and fruits? We didn't want to smell like we were 14 again, thought that you didn't want that as well. We wanted to create something else, something that you would enjoy having as a perfume. That became our goal.

We took inspiration from our travels to Marrakech. From the spice markets, the Atlas mountains, to the Medina...

We created - Marrakech Heat

Our signature scent Marrakech Heat takes us through a complex journey. It has a woody character with a mix of lemon, orris, and pine needles, with a touch of incense, making it fresh yet sophisticated at the same time.

The fragrance is perfectly balanced and gender neutral.

All of our products are exclusively fragranced with Marrakech Heat.

Top note

Bergamot, lime, tea tree leaf, pink pepper

Middle note

Sandalwood, oakmoss, frankincense, Douglas fir

Base note

Musk, benzoin siam, vanilla, tonka bean, ambergris

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