• How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

    You can pause or cancel your subscription from your account under Manage Subscriptions. You can easily adjust your subscription frequency or only change your next delivery date.

  • How do I make changes to my subscription?

    Under My Subscriptions you can:

    • Change delivery dates
    • Order single products or add them to your subscription
    • Change delivery frequency


    Under Account you can:

    • Update your personal information and change password
    • Change delivery address for your subscription
    • Update your billing details
    • Pause or cancel your subscriptions
  • How does the subscription payment work?

    When it's time for your next order, the payment will be the credit card you have registered with us is automatically charged.

  • How do I change the frequency?

    If you want to change how often you get new hair care products, you can change your frequency in your account.

  • Why has my subscription paused itself?

    This could be because your payment information is no longer valid. Go to Account → Payment Methods in your account to review your payment information. If your subscription doesn't change to active, contact us at help@the-every.com and we'll help you out.

  • How do I add products to/change my subscription when it's paused?

    Click first on Resume subscription under My subscriptions and then you can click on My subscriptions -> Change next shipment date and after this you can add extra products under "View" on your subscription in the menu to the right or do other changes.

  • How do I change my next shipment date?

    You can change your next shipment date (to any date you d like) in your account under My subscriptions -> Change next shipment date.

  • How do I skip my next order?

    You can skip or choose a new shipment date under subscriptions. If you scroll down on the page you will see the options to skip next order, change frequency or next shipment date under "I want my shipment now".

Orders & Shipment

  • The product is out of stock, what does pre-order mean?

    To be sure that you will get a sold out product as soon as we get it in stock we have created a pre-order functionality. When you use the pre-order functionality you buy the product and we send it to you as soon as get backs in stock, before anyone else can buy it. If you buy other products at the same time we will send these to you separately before the pre-ordered product. When the ordered product is in stock we send it to you and you don't have to pay the shipping cost.

  • How do I cancel my order?

    You can not cancel your order yourself, contact our customer support help@the-every.com and we will help you further. The order can not be cancelled after our warehouse has started processing the order. If your order has already been sent, you must return the product/products yourself. Contact customer service for more information.

  • I am missing an item. What do I do?

    Contact us at help@the-every.com and we will help you further!

  • Has my order been processed?

    Every completed and approved order automatically generate an order confirmation. The most common reason for not receiving an order confirmation is that in connection with the order you have happened to state an incorrect email address. Also, check your spam folder. If you feel unsure, our customer service is available to answer your questions

  • What happens if I do not collect my package?

    If you do not collect your parcel, it will be returned to us as an unredeemed package. You will be responsible for the cost (10 €) from the shipping company for an unredeemed package.

  • I have a problem with the website, what do I do?

    In the most common cases this is due to old web history being stored, which can result in the website not working completely correctly. What you may need to do is to clear cache and cookies. If you want further instructions on how to do this, you can contact our customer support team: help@the-every.com 

  • Why have I not received my order confirmation?

    When an order has been created in our system, a confirmation is automatically sent to the e-mail address you have provided when placing the order. Please make sure that the e-mail address is correct and check your spam folder to exclude that the confirmation has ended up in there. If you're still experiencing troubles please contact our support team help@the-every.com

  • I have been charged twice for my order.

    If an error occurred when you were placing your order, it might seem like your account has been charged twice. We never charge any uncompleted orders so if it looks like there is an extra withdrawal on your account, it is just a pre-authorization that will disappear automatically within 1-3 days. If you've received two order confirmations your order may have been duplicated. Please contact our team as soon as possible for further assistance at help@the-every.com

Return Policy

  • What are your return policies?

    When you shop at the-every.com, you always have 14 days to return your order from the time you received the products. You can only return unopened products. Unfortunately, you can not change your product. If you want to change to another item, you must place a new order. Contact us to get your return lable help@the-every.com The buyer pays for the return.


  • Can you help me with a return label?

    Yes, please email us at help@the-every.com and we will provide you with a return label. 

  • I want to complain / return an item that I bought from a retailer.

    Products purchased from an authorized dealer of The Every should primarily go through the current store, do not forget to bring the receipt! We can not accept returns traded elsewhere than the-every.com. Please note that we do not have a customer satisfaction guarantee. This means that we do not approve returns/complaints of products that you have used but that do not live up to your expectations. In case of any allergies or hypersensitivity, we always recommend that you try a new product on a small area (for example on the wrist) and wait for 24 hours to see if you get any reaction. If you need further information regarding returns/complaints, please contact our customer service team.


  • How do I use Infusions?

    The Every's Infusions are easily mixed with your shampoo or conditioner directly in the palm of your hand.

    Start by pouring desired amount of shampoo or conditioner in your hand. Next, add half as much Infusion as the amount of shampoo or conditioner already in your hand and mix using a finger.

    Apply to your hair and leave in for 1-3 minutes before rinsing. 

    If you tend to use a lot of shampoo and conditioner, you will also need to use a lot of Infusion - always half as much Infusion as the amount of shampoo or conditioner in your hand.

    For maximum effect repeat the same steps by adding Infusion to your conditioner.


    1. Pour desired amount of shampoo or conditioner in your hand.
    2. Add half as much Infusion as the amount of shampoo or conditioner already in your hand
    3. Mix using a finger and then apply to hair
    4. Leave in for 1-3 minutes before rinsing.
  • Can I combine infusions in the same wash?

    You can combine as you please. The effect can be slightly lower since you are adding more formulas in relation to the shampoo.

  • Can I use Infusions with other products than The Every's?

    We do not recommend using our infusions with other products than The Every products.

  • I have thick hair, will the Volume Infusion work for me?

    When creating and testing the Volume Infusion we have documented good effects on really thick hair. But all hair is different, and people have different preferences regarding the effect. For maximum volume use styling products afterwards.

  • Does your products contain nuts?

    Our products do not contain any nuts.

  • Is their an expiration date on your products?

    Unopened bottles should be used within 30 months. Opened bottles should be used within 12 months. We do not recommend using products after expiration date.

  • Can I use your products on my extensions?

    Our products are very gentle as they are 100% vegan and free from sulfates and parabens. Since there are hair extensions with many different qualities and materials, we recommend you to consult with your hairdresser to be sure what products suit your specific extensions.

  • Can children use your products?

    Our products are very gentle as they are 100% vegan, sulphate and paraben free. However, all of our product safety testings has been performed on adults so we can not give any recommendations for children. Therefore this is an individual choice.

  • I have never used your products, is there anything I should think about?
    When you start to use a new product, you should always test it on a smaller area to see how your skin reacts to it.
    Our products are also sulfate-free (which is good for you and the environment), if you haven't used sulfate-free products before, it may take some time for your scalp to get used to them. You may therefore need to wash your hair twice if you get problems with oily or greasy hair.
    Use 50% infusion in relation to the shampoo/conditioner in your hand. Leave in for 1-3 minutes. If you use a lot of shampoo/conditioner, you have to use a lot of infusion to get the desired effect.
  • How much infusion should I use?

    Use 50% infusion in relation to the shampoo/conditioner in your hand. Leave in for 1-3 minutes. If you use a lot of shampoo/conditioner, you have to use a lot of infusion to get the desired effect.